Gwenola Wagon & Alexis Chazard, 2007, color, 10 min.



From wherever we point things out, we don't need the furthest country. Stories and episodes, epiphenomena… Let's say, what is happening here. Little girls in the trains or old bar flies, they're addressing us indirectly. Inverted "Human comedy".

Tonight, tomorrow. Shooting and letting the pictures invade the camera. Breathe and let the air penetrate the lungs

On track, rumbles in the train. Safe from keyboard tiny clicks, from reaching the station. The exhausting car that makes red lights float around while serene, silent thought. There is the loop. A situation, a state of mind. Resonances of two characters who –against common rules of communication– not only give themselves news but point what occur in front of them, tell, weave, and inevitably shortcut the other one.

Think of a loop in a book. Imagine that the reader hears continuously this loop from the beginning of the book (some pressing cries for instance).

And after he passed a certain part of the book, the loop comes to an end. He won't hear it again, the scene's over. Imagine now that may he read the book from the very first page again, the sound wouldn't come up again. Permanently terminated.

Loop, rumble, suspens, await... how to make up such a loop in a movie ?

What form of film could hold a loop of this kind ? And finally, did you notice the difference between a stopmotion and a collection of still objects ?

Images. Around and inside, carried and current but tragically independent from rumor and everyday babbling.

In the blink of an eye. Are those texts collapsing with the images or do they take distinct paths ? A parallel fate ? And, each technique of exchange invent itself a form of tragicomic•ommunication.

Recording from south to west. Every lore answers the question "why ?" while at the same time it answers the question "what ?"

Puzzled by GPS. It's just like the Internet: at hand. Where are we ? In which snow ? In which foggy blizzard ?